The benefits of a buyer’s agent

The benefits of a buyer’s agent

The benefits of a buyer’s agent

POSTED BY John Ireland ON 18 Dec 2020

Have you heard of a buyer’s agent? This may be your secret weapon in securing your dream property.

With 30 years in the property industry under my belt, I am also an active buyer’s agent, representing property hunters across the Peninsula and giving them the edge over the competition.

It’s no secret that homes across Avalon, Newport, Palm Beach and surrounding suburbs are highly sought after. When they tick every box in terms of bedrooms, quality structure, stunning views and off street parking there is always competition to secure them. Having a buyer’s agent on your side can help you pip others to the post as the successful bidder.

Here are some of the key reasons why it makes sense to enlist my help as your personal buyer’s agent:

The inside scoop

Many properties around the Peninsula are sold without being listed, either because the seller wants privacy or they are able to find a buyer without having to advertise.

As an active and well connected local real estate agent, I often hear about homes before they come on the market. I can quickly arrange an inspection so you can put in an offer ahead of other buyers or before a property goes to auction.

Along with finding out about properties for sale, I am able to cast my very experienced eye over any potential home. With experience in construction as well as real estate, I can provide insider information on the structural integrity of a home and any secret defects which you need to be aware of.

Free up your Saturdays

Looking for your dream home is exhausting! How many times have you turned up to inspect a property, full of hope, only to find it is the absolute opposite of what you are looking for? It is such a waste of time and when it happens week after week it can really get you down.

As well as being able to read between the lines of property advertisements to determine if a home is suitable for you, I am able to attend inspections on your behalf and let you know if a property is worth viewing.

This service is particularly helpful for expat buyers who are planning to return home. I can secure you a property before you get on the plane!

Experienced negotiation

One of the main challenge of being a property buyers is having a lack of negotiation skills. Small details like the outlook of a property, its exact size and the areas which need repair can influence the final value. Inexperienced buyers often aren’t aware of these factors and therefore don’t take them into account when negotiating. This can end up adding thousands to the final cost of a property.

With the help of a professional negotiator, you’ll know for sure you’re not paying more than you should. As well as establishing the true value of the property you are looking at, I will act as the voice of reason, preventing you from becoming emotionally attached to a property and paying an unreasonably high price.

Auction representation

I can’t tell you how many times buyers explain to me that they got into an auction situation and panicked. The experience can be overwhelming and buyers often pull out early because they don’t think they can beat aggressive bidders. Alternatively, their own competitive side kicks in and they just keep on bidding!

Forget the stress of an auction and hand over the responsibility to someone who has been there, done that, many times. I’ll help you decide on a maximum amount and will represent you throughout the process.

Maintain your privacy

Many Peninsula home buyers don’t want their property purchase to be common knowledge and that’s highly understandable.

Choosing an experienced buyer’s agent to represent you in your search for a home between Newport and Palm Beach will ensure you can complete a transaction with the utmost discretion.

As a buyer’s agent, I do charge a small commission. However, this will more than pay for itself, not only in terms of money but also by saving you countless hours and reducing the stress of finding and securing your ideal property.

Contact One Agency Ireland to find out more about enlisting the services of a Peninsula-based buyer’s agent.