Preparing your Peninsula property for sale: Interior styling

Preparing your Peninsula property for sale: Interior styling

Preparing your Peninsula property for sale: Interior styling

POSTED BY John Ireland ON 18 Dec 2020

When it comes to selling your property, interior styling matters. Every room should give the right impression if you want to achieve the best possible price for your home.

I’ve put together a checklist of essential tasks you need to think about before putting your property on the market.

Why interior styling matters

A successful property sale is all about creating aspiration for potential buyers. This is why your home needs to make a great first impression. From the moment they walk through the door, people have to be able to imagine themselves living in the property and loving it.

Interior styling is particularly important in desirable areas such as Avalon Beach, Clareville and Palm Beach but you have to be prepared to spend a little extra in order to achieve this dream.

Many savvy home sellers now realise that spending an extra $2,000 – $5,000 on their properties can ultimately be worth tens of thousands of dollars at sale time. By making the right improvements to your home’s appearance and making it more cosmetically attractive than the rest of the properties in your street, it is possible to increase the value of your property by 5 – 10 percent.

Here are five areas you need to look at improving in order to achieve the maximum sale price:

1. Reduce clutter

Home buyers want to see a clean, spacious property. This image will be seriously compromised if your home is full of clutter! It looks messy and makes your rooms appear smaller and more cramped.

Before you put your home on the market, have a clear out. Get rid of as much stuff as possible – you can have a garage sale or donate your unwanted items to charity. This will also make your moving process more streamlined and simple.

2. Consider the current market

What home décor styles do buyers currently want to see? Take a look at what works well in other properties in your area, as different locations can sometimes favour different interior design trends. Around the Avalon Beach and Newport areas, the current trend is for “elegant casual” styling. This demonstrates good taste and a touch of luxury, while still reflecting a laid-back lifestyle.

If you’re unsure, my advice is to play it safe and go for a clean, contemporary look. These websites are often good sources of interior design inspiration:

3. Tone down your personality

Your personal style is what makes your house your home but when it comes to selling, it’s important to keep this to a minimum. Potential buyers won’t be able to imagine themselves living there if the décor is too unusual.

Your paint colours should be neutral tones to create the best impression, as should any permanent fixtures and fittings. It’s a good idea to stick to this rule whenever you’re doing a renovation as it will make life a lot easier if and when you decide to sell.

You can still stamp your own personality on your home but do this using easily removable items such as rugs, cushions, artwork and accessories like vases.

4. Highlight your home’s functionality

Highlighting the usable space within your property is a great way to help buyers envisage the lifestyle they could enjoy there.

Simple things like adding a desk in one of the bedrooms can demonstrate how that room could be used as a study or home office. If a room could potentially have more than one use, add appropriate furniture like this to open up buyers’ imaginations.

5. Work with a professional

A professional interior stylist will make the appearance of your property more desirable to the buyer. At One Agency Ireland, we work with a professional interior design team, who consult with our home vendors and style properties appropriately to suit the local market.

We are always happy to speak to local home sellers – please get in touch for more information and advice.