How to sell without the hassle

How to sell without the hassle

How to sell without the hassle

POSTED BY John Ireland ON 18 Dec 2020

Looking to sell your home fast?
Don’t like the idea of opening up your home to the public?
One Agency Ireland is here to help.

One of the biggest challenges for many home sellers I speak to is the thought of the actual sales process itself. It can be daunting having to open up your home to members of the public week after week, causing an invasion of your privacy and disruption to your home life.

As a real estate agent who is empathetic to my clients’ goals, concerns and long term plans, I am always wondering how I can make the home sales process run more smoothly for them. It’s concerns that vendors express around the home sales process got me thinking — there had to be an easier way of doing things which is less invasive and intrusive, and more efficient.

This is why I have devised an innovative private sale strategy, which can sell a property in less time, with minimal disruptions for you as the seller.

How it works

I regularly meet with buyers in the areas of Avalon Beach, Clareville and Palm Beach, to inquire what they are looking for in a property. I then try and match them with properties which are as close to their ideals as possible.

Because I am always out and about getting to know prospective buyers, I have a lot of contacts in the area who are finance approved and ready to negotiate. Your property could be exactly what one or more of them are looking for.

Should you decide to list your home with me (and provided you’re happy to take this approach), I can instantly draw on a pool of prospective buyers who are likely to be interested in your property, based on what I already know about their preferences.

This small group of buyers are the only people you need to open your home to. You can arrange one exclusive viewing for the whole group, or separate back-to-back appointments, whichever is easier for you. This approach cuts down drastically on the disruption to your free time that can come with selling a home.

By creating a sense of exclusivity around your property, and not listing it publicly, these buyers become more motivated to make you an offer as a matter of urgency. This can get your property sold in days, rather than weeks or even months, leaving you free to embark on the next chapter in your life.

The benefits of a private sale

Selling your property privately offers a number of advantages over a more traditional approach:

  • It gives you a realistic idea of the market value of your property. This is highly important in the current climate and enables you to judge whether or not it’s worth going to auction
  • You don’t have to have your privacy invaded week after week in open homes
  • There’s a much higher chance of a quick sale
  • A private approach still creates competition between buyers, giving you the opportunity to achieve a higher price
  • It drastically cuts down on the advertising costs for your property, enabling you to enjoy more of the profits once you have sold

Gain the control you want over your home sale

Selling your home privately in this way gives you far greater control over the process than traditional sales methods. If you wish, you don’t even have to let the general public know your home is for sale — only a small exclusive group will know you plan to sell. This enables you to feel more secure and comfortable during the sales process.

There is also the perfect back-up plan. If an offer is not forthcoming during the private selling process, we will take the next step, armed with buyer feedback, and market the property to a wider audience.

A private sale strategy is not the only option available to you if you’re thinking of selling your home. I am happy to discuss your individual circumstances and offer a number of different options so we can work together to choose the method that will be most effective.