Listing your home in winter

Listing your home in winter

Listing your home in winter

POSTED BY John Ireland ON 18 Dec 2020

Should you sell your Northern Beaches home when the weather turns cold?

As we enter into the cooler months, I often speak to homeowners who are unsure of whether or not to list their properties for sale. The general impression is that winter is not a good time to sell because there are not as many buyers looking for homes. However, sometimes you simply need to sell regardless of the time of year.

Selling in winter opens up opportunities and creates advantages. This is particularly the case in 2018. We are transitioning to more balanced market after years of growth and are also living under the threat of looming interest rate increases. For these reasons, now is a great time to list your property. You never know what will happen with the market place once spring hits or if interest rates rise.

Avoid the crowds

Because most homeowners list their homes for sale in spring, there will be fewer homes on the market in winter. This gives your property a chance to really stand out, helping you get a faster sale at the asking price you want.

Truth be told, there are always buyers out there, regardless of temperature. Many have been shopping on the upper Northern Beaches all summer long and have the pre-approval they need to make a quick decision.

With that being said, there are a few dates to be mindful of. You don’t want to schedule an open home or auction on the June long weekend or during the winter school holidays. Many potential buyers may be out of town at these times and you could miss out on the best offers.

Plan for the weather

The beautiful homes of the Peninsula are at their best when the sun is out but of course the weather can be unpredictable in winter.

The rainy days mean you will need to factor in some flexibility. When setting the date for your open home, check the upcoming weather forecast and have a backup plan for when the drizzle sets in.

When I’m helping to sell property in winter, I aim to get prospective buyers to register their interest prior to an open home. That way I can provide them with updates in case the weather forces us to postpone.

Another factor to keep in mind when selling in winter is the shorter days. We’ll look to hold your open home when the light is at its best. Your buyers will be able to picture themselves enjoying the sun out on the balcony or in the garden.

Create a cosy home

In terms of styling, in winter it can pay off to boost the warmth and comfort of your indoor areas. Throw rugs, cushions and blankets can create an inviting atmosphere and invoke visions of nights snuggled up indoors.

We’ll also make sure the temperature of your home is just right on open day to show buyers they will be happy living there year-round.

Work with an experienced real estate agent

You can definitely still sell your home in winter and you can often claim a higher price than in spring because buyers have fewer available options.

What matters most when selling at this time of year is having a great marketing campaign, styling your property well and showing the buyers in detail why they will love their new home in any weather.

If you are considering a winter sale for your Avalon Beach, Palm Beach or Clareville property, I’ll be happy to guide you on how best to prepare your home and can make sure it is seen by as many qualified buyers as possible.