Beat the crowds and buy before the competition begins

Beat the crowds and buy before the competition begins

Beat the crowds and buy before the competition begins

POSTED BY John Ireland ON 18 Dec 2020

How many houses have you trekked to in the hope of finally owning your first family home, only to end up disappointed? It can be so frustrating to be pipped at the post time and time again.

Right now in Sydney and especially on the Northern Beaches, there are thousands of buyers scouring the market. Throw savvy local and foreign investors into the mix (even though there are lending restrictions surrounding what they can buy) and it becomes even tougher to find a property that meets your needs and your budget.

Avalon, Palm Beach, Clareville and Bilgola are some of the most in demand suburbs one the Northern Beaches. With so many people looking to move to the area, you need the right plan to secure your own slice of paradise and find a way to buy without the competition.

Buying the hard way

Without the help of a good agent, you are on your own. You keep turning up to house inspections but before you know it, an offer has been made and you have missed out – again!

Then there is the stress of auctions. No matter how prepared you are, there always seems to be someone who has an extra ten thousand to top your offer.

Before you know it, the months have flown by. You have spent dozens of Saturday mornings going to open for inspections. You feel like you’re wasting your time and putting pressure on yourself and your family.

What you may not realise is that many savvy sellers also don’t like all the selling hassle. They work closely with their agent to make the sale without listing their property on the open market. There are properties coming up for sale without you even realising they are there.

Leveraging your local agent

Many buyers incorrectly assume real estate agents are only there to help the people who are selling their home.

This is simply not true. Any good agency will work with buyers.

In fact, our jobs as brokers are to bring buyer and seller together. We want everybody to be happy and to feel like they have achieved the best possible outcome.

Next time you are house hunting, take the time to introduce yourself properly to the local selling agent in the suburb you wish to buy in. Let them know a bit about yourself, your family and the type of home you are looking for. Explain your deal breakers and your wish list. Give them an understanding of the budget you have in mind and let them know where you are at with financial pre-approval.

A good agent will then do their due diligence, adding you to their prospective buyers list so they can let you know when a new listing comes up, before it goes public.

However, there is a difference between a great agent and a good one…

Securing your next property: Buy without the competition

It is nice to have a phone call from your agent when a property comes on the market. What’s even better is to receive that phone call before the property becomes publicly available.

Many vendors would prefer a fast sale and a great price, especially if they have already put a deposit on another property. With this in mind, I often recommend what we conduct a ‘Soft Launch’ to open their home to a few selected buyers. These are the buyers I have kept in close contact with and who have shared their buying criteria with me in detail. Each buyer needs to have their finances secured to ensure they can  escalate the buying process.

In this scenario, both the vendor and the buyer are winners. The vendor is not subjecting their home to week after week of home opens and in addition save on the cost of marketing their property.

The buyer is saved from having to attend public open for inspections thus avoids the crowds. They are able to get an exclusive look at the property and to make a more informed decision. If they wish to present an offer, they can do so knowing they aren’t up against a large group of bidders.

Using this method, I am able to quickly connect buyers and sellers, minimising the stress of the property exchange process for all involved. For me, the pleasure comes from orchestrating a sale where everybody walks away happy, as they‘ve had a good outcome and experience!

If you’re looking to buy without the competition in Avalon, Palm Beach, Clareville, Bilgola or surrounding areas, give me a call or drop by the office. We can discuss what you’re looking for and I will add your details to my qualified buyers list. This can potentially save you all the heavy lifting when it comes to finding your dream property.